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Freelance jobs for marketing and web development

We work with the best freelancers from the following areas

Freelance services on agency level at fair prices and conditions. Benefit from lean processes and a versatile talent pool. We’ll take care of project management and quality assurance.

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Our Services

Services of our freelancers

All our services in the field of online marketing, web development, web design, copywriting and translations are exclusively handled by professional freelancers. To ensure that the results are to your complete satisfaction, we at LeanLancer do our best to guarantee a smooth project management and comprehensive quality assurance of all services. This way you receive the highest quality with minimum effort.

We match the freelancer to your jobs

Are you an entrepreneur with a great vision for your online appearance? Make an enquiry  and we will send you a non-binding offer.

Or are you a freelancer and enthusiastic about areas like web development and online marketing? Then register now  on our platform!

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What makes LeanLancer special

We combine the high quality standards of a classic online marketing agency with the flexibility and versatility of a freelancer platform. Your jobs for our freelancers are coordinated by qualified project managers and assigned to suitable candidates. They will complete the assignments according to standardised processes and within the given time frame. This way, misunderstandings and differences in performance are avoided and you get exactly what you wanted. After completion, our project managers take over quality assurance. They are also available to you at any time for questions or adjustment requests.

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Freelancer, agency or LeanLancer?

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Our Process

Top results with our freelancer model

Do you need a website, texts, graphics or do you want to update your marketing activities? We will show you how you can easily order online jobs for our freelancers. In just a few steps you will receive professional results from experts at absolutely fair prices.

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1. Request services

Let us know what service you need and we will send you a non-binding offer immediately.

2. Match freelancers

We determine the amount of time and expertise required for your project and assign one or more suitable freelancers.

3. Processing orders

Each task is based on standardised processes, which our freelancers follow when processing the jobs.

4. Assuring quality

Once the freelancers have completed their jobs, our project managers will check the quality and contact you afterwards.

Our Selection procedure

Skill-based matching


Verified talents

Our freelancers are verified upon registration and assigned to a skill level according to their qualifications and work experience.


Free from discrimination

Freelancer jobs are assigned to candidates solely on the basis of their performance and qualifications.


Efficient teams

Different tasks may require different experience. A perfectly fitting freelancer team increases efficiency and lowers costs.

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Standardised Processes

Agency-level quality

clear communication

Transparent communication

A fixed standard in each service area prevents misunderstandings between freelancers and companies.


­Measurable performances

Each task has a clearly defined goal that must be achieved before it is considered complete. This creates efficiency and accuracy.

assure quality

­Consistent quality

Clear guidelines prevent fluctuations in performance. Even with changing freelancers and skill levels, high quality standards are achieved.

Our Freelancer

A small selection of our talents


Experienced in gallery

Our Testimonials

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Any questions?


We have summarised the most frequently asked questions and answers about freelancer jobs.

Should you need any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Can I choose the freelancers myself?

No, the suitable freelancers will be assigned to you with the help of an AI. It considers the expertise, work experience and evaluations of the freelancers. Demographic factors, on the other hand, are not taken into account in the selection process. Only the performance of the freelancer is decisive.

How can I tell when my job is finished?

You can view the exact status of your freelance jobs at any time in your account. In addition, our project managers are at your disposal if you have any other questions regarding your assignment.

We also make every effort to ensure that each job for our freelancers is planned realistically, so that you receive your results on time. If the assignment is delayed, we will contact you well in advance and discuss the further procedure with you.

How are fair prices for the freelance services achieved?

All our freelance jobs are priced according to the market value of the service and effort and expertise required. Neither residence, age nor other personal characteristics are taken into account for the pricing. Only the result is evaluated. This guarantees a fair salary for our freelancers.

As an entrepreneur, you still benefit from moderate prices. This is because our project managers considerably reduce the freelancers’ overhead, while the standardised processes enable maximum efficiency. That means, your order is processed more quickly and at a lower cost than with the competition.

How do you determine the skill level of the freelancer?

Each freelancer is verified before they can accept a job through our platform. He is assigned to a skill level based on his training and work experience. If the freelancer works in several areas, the skill levels of the respective disciplines may differ. That way we can assign the candidates to your freelance jobs as accurately as possible.

What is the hourly rate for freelancers?

The prices for your freelancer jobs are not calculated on an hourly basis but on a project basis. Depending on the type of service, the scope of the project and the required skill level of our freelancers, we will put together a total price for you. The pricing is transparent. You can see exactly how much each subtask costs.

Is there a minimum budget for my order?

No, there is no minimum volume for your order. Due to the flexible freelancer model we can handle large orders as well as very small projects. We will put together the right team for each job – whether it is a one-off or long-term project.