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Are you looking for professional web design? At LeanLancer we provide you with freelance designers from numerous different design areas. Whether it's backend design, creative or mobile design - we will find the right specialist for your job.

Our Services

Our web design services

Web design is omnipresent when it comes to improving the performance of your online appearance. Our freelance designers work closely with online marketing managers and web developers - whether they are your own employees or our freelancers.

Corporate Identity

You want your company's website to reflect your corporate philosophy? Our design freelancers will take care of it.

To strengthen your company's corporate identity, our freelance graphic designers will create a comprehensive design strategy upon request. From logos to websites to banners and more, we have the right freelance graphic designer for every web design service and will gladly put together a team for you to work on a consistent corporate identity.

CMS & WordPress Design

Whether WordPress or self-developed CMS - the user-friendliness of your platform depends significantly on a good design.

Our backend design specialists have a lot of experience with common platforms like WordPress, but also with individual content management system solutions. They will create a design mock up for your website in no time and at low cost, and work closely with the developers to make your backend clean and easy to use.

Responsives Web Design

For almost every industry the motto "mobile first" is valid. If you want to convince your mobile customers, responsive web design is essential.

To ensure that every customer has a flawless user experience regardless of the device, our freelance graphic designers create a responsive web design. This adapts to all screen sizes and takes into account both the aesthetics of your website, as well as usability. Whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone - your company will always have a professional appearance.


When developing an app for your company, there are a lot of things to consider. Our freelancers know their field when it comes to app design.

Our freelance UI and UX designers not only know all the popular web design trends for app development, but are also professionals in targeting, accessible web design and many other areas that play an important role in developing an app for your business.


Interactive formats such as videos liven up your content, encourage customer interaction and make messages easy to understand.

Good videos catch the eye, help to present complicated issues in a simple way and are shared more often and thus reach potential new customers. Our graphic freelancers are professionals in video production - from conception to shooting and video creation to post-production of the videos. Get advice from competent specialists.

Other Design Services

You need a freelance designer, but haven't found your design service yet? Just contact us!

We are aware that web design is a very broad field and can be used in many ways. Even if you have a certain design measure in mind for your company, which you haven't found on our platform yet, we are sure to find the right web design freelancer for you. Just contact us and let us advise you on your design project.

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We provide affordable high-quality web design for companies. Our handpicked freelancers have significant experience in all design disciplines. We will make sure that the right freelance graphic designer complements your web design team.

Our Advantages

All advantages at a glance

Great variety

Design is incredibly diverse. Therefore, it is important to know exactly which actions make sense for your company. We advise you and find the ideal freelance designer with the right skill set.

Qualified specialists

From UX designers to graphic designers with a focus on WordPress to designers with profound SEO knowledge - our talent pool is incredibly diverse. To ensure that the quality is also right, every design freelancer is checked by us.

Predefined standards

Every freelance graphic designer works on their web design jobs according to our carefully predefined standards. That way you can be sure that you will always get exactly the design service you expect.

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Quality web design at a fixed prices

At LeanLancer you will find all common web design services. Whether you want to improve your corporate identity, spice up your company blog with infographics, or need a mock up for the new online shop - we have the right design freelancer - highly qualified and of course at a fixed price.

Our Process

How it works

1. Request design

2. Accept offer

3. Check results

4. Pay invoice

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Any Questions?

FAQ about our freelance design services

We have summarized all important questions about our web design services for you. Learn more about our processes, how you can book our design freelancers and how you can boost your business with the right web design efforts.

How does LeanLancer determine pricing for web design services?

We charge for every service – including web design – based on the amount of work and the skill level required. You tell our project managers your ideas for your design measures and then you get a non-binding offer. The services of our graphic freelancers are charged on a project basis and not per hour.

How can I keep my web design costs as low as possible?

With us you get a web design consultation individually tailored to your company and budget. We carefully evaluate potentials and provide you with an offer that contains only reasonable expenses, which you can of course confirm afterwards. Since our design offer is absolutely transparent, you can see every single subtask including price and estimated effort.

I have web design jobs that stretch over a longer period of time, is that possible?

Yes, of course you can let our design freelancers take care of your company over a longer period of time. Just let us know the scope of the project and we will assign you one or more qualified design specialists for the corresponding period of time.

Can I choose my own freelance designer?

No, all freelancers on our platform are automatically assigned to projects. Our AI guarantees an ideal match between project and web design freelancer. Decisions are made solely on the basis of the experience and skills of the respective freelance graphic designer. This way, we ensure maximum quality and fairness in selecting the right web designer.

What actions does LeanLancer take to ensure the quality of my design job?

Our freelancers are carefully screened and required to verify themselves when they sign up on our platform. In addition, our standardized processes ensure that a consistently high standard of design job quality is maintained. Professional project managers also check the quality of the design service after it is completed and will not share the results with you until the quality guidelines are met.