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We at LeanLancer have a mission: to revolutionize the freelancing market! Freelancers, but also companies who want to book a freelancer will benefit from this.

How we want to reach this goal? By closing the communication gap between clients and freelancers. We achieve this by standardizing processes and the coordination of our trained project managers. This way, we take work off the companies’ shoulders and allow our freelancers to focus on what’s important – their technical expertise.

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Our freelancer pool

Our versatile and high-performance talent pool of web developers and online marketing specialists is our most valuable resource. Every project stands and falls with our freelancers. Therefore, it is especially important for us to create ideal working conditions and establish the foundation for outstanding results.

For the quality of our freelancer services we stand with our name. To ensure that it remains consistently high regardless of the project and freelancer, we carefully review each freelancer after they register on our platform. All experts are verified and assigned to a skill level based on their resumes and previous experience.

Request a service

Each project, regardless of size, is planned individually by us. In close communication with the customer, the project requirements are determined based on the sales funnel. Whether you already know exactly what services you need, or whether we need to work together to specify the details, a qualified member of our staff is always available to provide you with advice and support.

Get a non-binding quote

Before we send you a cost estimate, we break down your project into manageable subtasks, set deadlines together with you and define how the result will be made measurable. Based on this, we calculate the amount of work and the required skill level of the freelancer, which then results in the price of your order. You will receive the offer by e-mail. If you agree to it, we will send you a contract to sign so we can start working immediately.

Skill-based matching

Once you have decided to book our freelancers, all we have to do is find the right candidate for your project. Our sophisticated AI makes a pre-selection based on the freelancer's skills and work experience, which is then verified by a project manager. Demographic factors are not considered in the selection process. This ensures the ideal match of specialists and companies and guarantees fairness in the selection of the freelancer.

Communication & project management

For your projects, you will be assigned a personal contact person who will ensure smooth communication with the freelancer, overcome language barriers and mediate between the freelancer and you in terms of technical issues. Our project managers are trained to convert the specifications of non-experts into technical jargon, so that the experts know exactly what needs to be done. You do not interact with the freelancers yourself. LeanLancer does all the work for you.

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We have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers about our work processes for you.

As long as the job has not yet been started, we can consider change requests. A project manager checks whether the effort and price changes as a result of the adjustment. If the effort remains the same, there will be no additional costs for you. If we have to schedule additional subtasks, we will recalculate your offer.

Yes, you can track the status of your order in your account at any time. In addition, your personal contact person is available to answer any questions you may have. This person coordinates your entire project and is informed in detail about the deadlines and requirements.

Long-term projects are no problem for our freelancers. Your order is simply broken down into reasonable packages and billed at regular intervals (usually monthly) so that the freelancer does not have to wait too long for payment.

Do you still have questions?

Then contact us and let us advise you in detail.