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Are you looking for qualified freelancers for your company? We help you to find freelancers who can handle your web development and marketing projects quickly and reliably. And at fair prices.

Our Process

How it works for companies

A great deal of time, effort and communication goes into the entire process from hiring a freelancer to the completion of the order. We have made it our goal to take this effort off your hands. Just let us know which freelance services you need. We will then define the workload and price according to fixed standards and find the perfect freelancer for you.

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1. Send request

Send us a request using your customer account. Tell us details about the scope, type of service and deadlines of your order. We will then send you a non-binding offer right away.

2. Create account

Register with LeanLancer and create a customer account to make the most of our service and benefit from all the advantages. Here you can manage your projects, make payments and much more.

3. Get results

We find suitable freelancers, instruct them and then take over quality assurance. You don't have to do anything while your project is being worked on and can look forward to high-quality results.

4. Make the payment

In order to be able to guarantee a quick payment of our freelancers, we invoice according to previously defined task packages. As soon as you have received the agreed service, you pay the amount. 

Find freelancers now and start your projects

We' ll find qualified experts for your company so that you can implement your projects quickly and in the desired quality. No matter whether you want to redesign your entire website or simply refine your marketing measures - we always have the right freelancer at hand.

Our Services

Services of our freelancers

A major advantage of the freelancer model over traditional agencies is the versatility of the talents. A large pool of experts guarantees that we will find the ideal freelancer for each of your tasks who fits your company.

Our freelancer services cover all areas of web development and online marketing. Through standardised processes in each work area, we ensure that all tasks are carried out by our freelancers according to best practice.

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Advantages for your company

Benefit from numerous advantages

Comprehensive service

We take a lot of work off your hands. Not only do we find the perfect freelancers for you, we also instruct them, coordinate your projects and take over the quality control after the work is done.

Modern software

With our modern and intuitive software you always have your orders at a glance and can check the current status at any time. In your customer account you can also book follow-up orders even easier.,

Complete transparency

Standardised processes and transparent pricing ensure that you always know exactly what you are getting for your money. No more misunderstandings and additional orders!

Great expertise

In our talent pool we combine a lot of knowledge and experience around online marketing and web development. No matter what service you need, we will find the right freelancer.

Fair prices

Our efficiency-enhancing approach and trained project managers who minimise freelancers' overheads allow us to offer moderate prices for each of our services at the highest quality.

The search for suitable freelancers is over!

Forget the time-consuming recruiting processes of graphic designers, copywriters, developers, translators and programmers! We take care of finding the right freelancer for your company. Whether alone or in a team, for small projects or large orders - absolutely no problem with LeanLancer!

Our selection process

Skill-based matching


Verified talents

Every freelancer is verified after registration before he can accept any assignment. We also determine the skill level in order to match your freelancers quickly and efficiently.

Tried and tested experts

Our AI will automatically find the freelancer for your assignment who not only has the expertise but also relevant experience with similar projects.

Beginners and professionals

From junior to senior, every skill level is available. We match the knowledge levels of our freelancers to the complexity of your job. This means: low prices for an optimal quality.

Our Testimonials

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Any Questions?

FAQ for companies

Do you have any further questions about our services or the ordering process? In our FAQs we have answered the most frequent requests of our customers. If you still want to know about something, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Does LeanLancer take a commission?

Yes, we take a commission of 30% of the total order volume. This sounds comparatively high at first, but from these costs we cover the coordination of the projects, the complete project management, briefing of the freelancers and quality management. Thus, the freelancer has less work to do, which saves costs. We also make every effort to continually develop LeanLancer so that you can benefit from even more advantages and functions in the future.

How quickly will my projects be processed?

How long it takes to process your project depends on the volume of the order. Let us know all the details of the required services and we will calculate a non-binding offer with realistic deadlines. If you need the results urgently by a certain deadline, please let us know beforehand.

Can I also hire freelancers on a long-term basis?

Of course you can employ a freelancer, or even whole teams, on a long-term basis. The assignment process is exactly the same as for smaller projects. However, we will then assign you the appropriate freelancers for a longer period of time. The payment for your services will then of course not be a one-off payment, but can be performed at monthly intervals.

Can I choose the freelancer myself?

No, we will select the experts for you. Freelancers are assigned to you with the help of an AI based on their performance and work experience. This ensures the perfect match.

When do I have to pay for an order?

To ensure a fair and fast payment of our freelancers, we break down each project into milestones. As soon as a milestone with all associated tasks has been completed and accepted, we will invoice you. This way you always pay when the tasks are completed to your satisfaction. An advance payment as required by other providers is not necessary in our case.