Freelance web developers wanted?

Are you looking for qualified freelance web developers to join your team? No matter if completely remote or on-site in your office - LeanLancer provides you with carefully selected web developers both on project basis and on a long-term basis.

Our Services

Our web development services

The IT industry is fast-moving, diversified and produces increasingly modern and powerful IT solutions. Therefore, the right web development efforts, carried out by our qualified developers, hold enormous potential for your business. We help you to get the best out of your project with our freelance web developers - providing the highest quality and absolute flexibility.

Inhouse Web Developer

You want to expand your IT team with qualified specialists, but still stay flexible? With in-house developers on a freelance basis that's possible!

Freelance web developers are especially useful if you are looking for support for your development team, but want to remain as flexible as possible in the long term. In this case, web developers on a freelance basis with the right skill set are the right choice. However, freelance does not necessarily mean remote. If you wish, our web developers can work on-site with your IT team.

App & Mobile Development

To make sure your site performs flawlessly on mobile devices, we provide you with freelance web developers who specialize in mobile solutions.

From coding responsive websites that adapt to different device formats without losing functionality to native app development, our freelancers offer all services. Your online website will be reprogrammed or optimized according to the latest standards. This way, you will generate high-quality traffic on mobile devices and convince your customers of your high professional standards.

MVP Development

Maximum user orientation is possible with the Minimum Viable Product. Our web developers create platforms that convince customers!

Our web developers launch a basic version of your product with the most necessary functions and develop it further by testing and evaluating concrete user signals. Working with the Minimum Viable Product enables agile processes, lets you move forward quickly and guarantees solutions that are oriented towards the needs of your customers.

Web Automation & Integration

Automate your processes and increase the efficiency of your business - our freelance web developers will help you achieve measurable success.

For even more efficient work, our freelance web developers automate your website and browser processes. Whether developed specifically for your company or through the connection of high-quality automation software - our freelance IT specialists ensure that your digital processes are optimized to the maximum and your successes become scalable.

Web Shop Development

To showcase your products in the best possible way, you need a high-quality web store. Our developers will create the ideal platform for you.

No matter if you already have a clear idea of how your web shop should look like, or if you would like to be advised on the details first - our freelancers are skilled and well experienced in creating web shops and will support you in evaluating the various possibilities. We will create a functional, appealing and intuitive online shop for you.

WordPress Development

You want to get the best out of your WordPress site and have customized features developed? No problem for us!

Our highly skilled WordPress experts will build your WordPress site from scratch according to individual requirements or optimize it professionally, improving website performance significantly. With the experience of our WordPress freelancers, we can help you customize the functionality and design of your WordPress site.

Other Web Development Services

Looking for more web development services? Then let us know what sort of programming services you need and we will find your freelancer.

Our large talent pool allows us to meet even very specific web development needs. We select the perfect freelance web developer for your project from various skill sets and experience levels. If you haven't discovered your web development service yet, just contact us and we will find a custom solution for your company.

Work with the best freelance web developers

Whether frontend or backend, WordPress blog or big web shop - we have the right freelancer for every developer job. See for yourself and expand your IT team with qualified workers from the tech sector. Our web development freelancers are flexible and can support your company on a short- or long-term basis - if you wish, directly in your office.

Our way of working

How we work

Our way of working at LeanLancer is based on the proven Plan-Build-Run principle. This means that the actual implementation of your project by our freelance web developers is based on concrete data generated in the analysis phase. This allows optimal results. A reliable quality assurance rounds off the process. Especially in the area of web development, this approach enables maximum precision solutions.


1. Planning

All web development activities for your company are carefully planned and reviewed for feasibility by our freelance web developers before implementation.


2. Programming

Carefully predefined development tasks are completed by skilled IT specialists within a specified timeframe using our standardized processes.


3. Testing

After developing your platform, a testing phase follows, in which the functionality of the product is checked, adjustments are made and bugs are fixed.

Our Advantages

All benefits at a glance

Wide range of IT skills

Our talent pool includes freelance web developers with a wide variety of technical backgrounds and extensive programming experience. As a result, we guarantee to always find the ideal web developer for you.

clear communication

Regulated communication

It is often difficult to keep track of the project status, especially for those not familiar with the subject. Our qualified project managers do the work for you and take care of the entire coordination.

Predefined standards

Your project will be defined down to the smallest detail. Also, the implementation is based on clear, generally valid specifications. As a result, you always get exactly what you pay for.

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Hire your freelance web developer

Save yourself the time and effort of recruiting IT experts and book freelance developers with a lot of experience and broad knowledge in the field of web development through LeanLancer. This way you stay flexible and still benefit from qualified employees who strengthen your IT team - in-house or remote!

Our Process

How it works

1. Request a project

2. Accept offer

3. Check results

4. Pay invoice

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Any Questions?

FAQ about our web development services

In our FAQ section you will find the most frequently asked questions about web development. We explain how to hire our IT freelancers, how the prices for your project are calculated and much more.

I don't know exactly which web development service I need. How do I proceed?

Of course, you can always ask for advice about your project. If you have any questions about coordination, our project managers are at your disposal. We pass on technical concerns to specialized IT consultants. Just send us a non-binding request with your web development ideas and we will contact you as soon as possible.

I have several web development jobs available. Do I always get the same freelancer?

Our freelance programmers are assigned to projects using an AI based on the developer’s technical skills and work experience. However, in your request for follow-up projects, you are welcome to express preferences for a particular freelancer with whom you have already worked. We will then try to take your wishes into account.

How are the costs for a freelance programmer calculated?

LeanLancer charges all web development jobs on a project basis. This means that we estimate in advance the amount of work and the required skill level of the developers and charge the subtasks individually. The pricing is transparent and can be viewed by you at any time.

I would like to expand my in-house team with qualified web developers at short notice. Is that possible?

Yes, short-term requests for in-house IT specialists on a freelance basis are also possible. Send us a request with the required skills of the web developer and the time period in which you need our freelancer and we will assign you a suitable candidate to strengthen your IT team on site.

I would like to reorder some tasks. How does the process work?

A follow up order after a completed project basically works like a new order. Just send us a request and let us know which project you have already done with us. We will then use the knowledge we have already gained for the following web development jobs.

If you want to change something during an ongoing IT project, contact the project manager. He will then recalculate your offer. Unpaid additional tasks are not possible for reasons of plannability and fairness towards our freelancers.