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Search engine optimization is one of the most important and sustainable measures in online marketing and allows you to significantly increase the reach of your website. We help you find qualified SEO specialists.

Search Engine Optimization

How a SEO freelancer can grow your business

There are many good reasons to hire an SEO freelancer. Whether you just need a little longer to find the right in-house SEO manager and want to make progress with your measures in the meantime, or if you need SEO managers with very specific skill sets for a short time – with a freelancer for SEO you are always flexible. And with LeanLancer, you benefit from agency-level SEO services thanks to professional project management, thorough quality control and standardized processes.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important online marketing channels. It can not only increase your visibility in search results in the long term, but also help you keep your marketing costs under control. Because once a well thought-out SEO strategy has been rolled out, you will continue to benefit from cheap and yet high-quality organic traffic for a very long time.

Our SEO freelancers analyze your website in detail and uncover all your potential in the field of search engine optimization. Then they support you in the implementation of the SEO measures. From technical optimization to the creation of SEO-optimized content through to professional link building in accordance with search engine guidelines – the vast experience of our SEO experts is of significant benefit for your project.

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Your website is not performing as you would like it to? Our SEO freelancers help you to better rankings, optimize your backlink profile and bring your site to the latest technical standards. This way you will be found by users and search engines alike.

Our Services

Our SEO services at a glance

When you hire our SEO services, you can either opt for a holistic SEO strategy – from planning to optimization – or let our competent SEO freelancers help you with individual measures. It doesn’t matter how big or small your plans for your website are – we will find the right SEO specialist for each of your projects.


We analyze the condition of your platform, taking into account industry-specific aspects and the performance of the competition. In this way, we uncover potentials and define effective SEO measures.


With the top tools on the market, our SEO freelancers create a comprehensive keyword analysis for your company and derive the ideal information architecture for your site.


Our SEO specialists perform an onsite audit to determine how your website is technically set up and specify all the necessary measures required for an accessible site according to best practice standards. 

Technical Optimization

Want to improve load times, optimize code, or add structured data to your site? If you hire our tech-savvy SEO managers, your website will be technically up to date in no time.

Offsite Optimization

Our SEO freelancers analyze the backlink profile of your company in an offsite audit and identify potentials. Afterwards the missing backlinks will be created – of course according to the common SEO standards.

Content Optimization

We develop a customized content strategy for you, write SEO-optimized texts from scratch or adapt existing content according to SEO guidelines. This way you will secure better rankings within the blink of an eye.


In order to ensure that you always know where you stand after the initial implementation of all SEO measures, good tracking is essential. Whether Google Analytics, Search Console or other software – we set up your SEO tools conscientiously.


If you do not yet know exactly which SEO services promise the best results for your company, let us advise you. You can also book a professional SEO consultant on a long-term basis.

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You need individual services from qualified SEO experts or would like to have the entire SEO strategy of your company revised? We will find the ideal SEO freelancer for your project! Simply request a non-binding offer and we will advise you in depth about your options in the field of search engine optimization.

Our Process

How our SEO managers help you achieve top rankings

A holistic search engine optimization deals with many aspects of your website. The three most important pillars are technology, content and offsite optimization. In all these areas, our SEO freelancers have a lot of experience and relevant knowledge, which they gladly bring to your company.







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Top Rankings

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Step One

Technical SEO analysis and optimization

That the technology of your website is accessible for users and search engines alike – is one of the basic requirements for the success of all further SEO measures. If you want to have a completely new website programmed, our SEO freelancers create specifications for your – or our – developers. 

But of course, existing websites can also be SEO-optimized. To do this, an onsite audit is initially performed. In this, all technical aspects related to search engine optimization are examined in detail. Technical errors are then corrected and measures that have not yet been tackled are implemented.

From image optimization, over data markup with microformats to setting up a sitemap – our qualified SEO freelancers have already successfully implemented numerous projects from different industries in different sizes and are also happy to help you increase the SEO performance of your website.

Step Two

SEO-optimized content

With every search engine update, website content becomes even more important. The faster users and search engines find relevant content, the better your website will rank. But it is no longer enough to just use the right keywords to be found on the web. 

Texts must offer real added value and be clearly aligned with a topic area. The headline structure should be hierarchical, content must not overlap with other texts on your page and individuality is the key to avoid duplicate content. So there is a lot to consider when creating SEO-optimized content. 

If desired, our SEO freelancers will conduct a professional content audit of existing websites to determine where your content still has potential for improvement. New texts are carefully researched and then written, taking into account the keyword analysis and all specifications regarding length, headline structure and composition – meta data included!

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Step Three

Offsite optimization through backlinks

If you have a technically flawless website with optimized texts, this is already one half of what you need for the SEO success of your company. But in order for the search engines to give your page the necessary relevance, you also need trust signals in the form of content-relevant, secure links that point to your content. These should come from domains that enjoy a certain authority with the search engines and be naturally integrated into their content. 

To find out which backlinks already point to your website, where you are mentioned but not linked and which links your competitors have, our SEO freelancers first perform a detailed offsite audit. Subsequently, measures are defined with which backlinks can be built up sensibly, quickly and cost-saving. This can be done via online PR,  cooperations or entries on relevant portals. The possibilities are almost unlimited and will be tailored to your project and budget. We will be happy to provide you with an SEO specialist who will also deal with link building for your company in the long term.

Hire a SEO expert and boost your website performance

You know that your site urgently needs to be optimized for search engines and users, but you are not yet clear about the details? No problem! Simply contact us without any obligations and explain your current situation. Our SEO project managers will advise you in detail and recommend the ideal SEO freelancer for your company.
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Any Questions?

FAQ - Everything you need to know about our SEO freelancers

We have summarized all important questions and answers around the topic of search engine optimization, as well as around the assignment of our experienced SEO freelancers for you.

Why is search engine optimization such an important channel?

Search engine optimization must not be neglected in a good multi-channel strategy. Because it not only ensures a professional and user-friendly website presence and guarantees sustainable organic traffic in the long term, but also perfectly complements other online marketing channels such as SEA, social media or affiliate.

Is search engine optimization sustainable?

Search engine optimization is certainly not a short-term optimization measure. Once set up according to best practice standards, SEO performance should be monitored and re-optimized in the long term. After all, the SEO industry is very fast-moving and if you don’t want to be left behind by the competition, you need smart SEO managers who stay up to date. The clear advantage of search engine optimization is its sustainability. Properly implemented, your website will be supplied with high-quality organic traffic in the long term at low cost.

Why should I hire external SEO specialists?

SEO services are very versatile. It can be an advantage to hire external SEO specialists who have selected skills and relevant experience with similar projects. Our SEO freelancers complement your SEO team whenever you need them. This way you are maximally flexible and can count on high-quality results.

Are all actions performed by an SEO freelancer?

It depends on the required SEO services, whether one or more SEO freelancers work for your project. We put together your SEO team in such a way that the freelancers work as efficiently as possible and can contribute their knowledge in an optimal way.

Can I strengthen my team in the long term with an external SEO manager?

Of course, you can also hire an SEO freelancer on a long-term basis. Just let us know what tasks need to be done and we will find the right SEO specialist to support your team.