Online Marketing services from freelancers

Are you looking for qualified online marketing freelancers to join your team and help you achieve your marketing goals faster and more efficiently? In that case, LeanLancer is the right place for you. We’ll find qualified marketing experts for your company.

Online Marketing services from freelancers

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Whether you’re looking to expand your activities in specific areas such as performance marketing or creative content marketing, or you’re striving for a holistic, cross-channel marketing mix – with the right marketing manager from our talent pool, you’ll achieve your marketing goals in no time. Thanks to our versatile freelancer pool, we can offer you all common online marketing services in best quality. If you need a marketing service that you can’t find on our platform, just contact us directly. Together we will find the perfect freelancer for you.

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your visibility in search results and get more qualified and sustainable organic traffic.
From technical SEO to link building to SEO-optimized content - we develop a holistic SEO strategy for you, or support you specifically with individual measures around search engine optimization. Our online marketing freelancers are highly trained and implement keyword analyses, onsite audits and SEO reportings according to best practice standards with the help of our standardized processes.
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Search Engine Advertising

Reach your customers with tailor-made advertising in the search results and benefit from particularly high conversion rates.
With a well designed SEA strategy, you can target the demand of your customers and generate traffic on your website that converts particularly well. Our SEA freelancers have extensive experience with the leading software Adwords, but you can of course also work with other advertising providers. Increase the visibility of your business with ads positioned prominently in the search results!
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Social Media Marketing

Increase your reach via optimized social media channels that are perfectly aligned with your business and strengthen your brand awareness.
You have a great product and want everyone to know about it? Through relevant social media channels, you can not only bring your customers closer to your company, you also bind them to your brand in the long term. Our social media freelancers know their way around Facebook, Instagram & Co. From individual postings to social advertising to the creation of an entire social media strategy, our experts offer all services.
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Website Creation

Reach your target group even better with an optimized website and lay the foundation for further successful online marketing measures.
Your website is not only the flagship of your company, but also serves as a platform for a holistic omnichannel marketing strategy. We provide you with a qualified team of freelance developers, graphic designers, copywriters and marketing managers who ensure that your online presence is well received by your customers, is scalable and performs well in the long term.
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Webshop Development

Let our freelancers create a technically flawless, modern platform for your products or optimize your existing online shop.
You have an innovative product and want to distribute it digitally? Then a user-friendly online shop is exactly what you need. Whether you want to showcase just a few items or have a huge product range to offer - our webshop developers will get the best out of your platform, increase traffic, improve conversion rates and help you achieve better rankings.
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Content Creation

An ad that sticks, an exciting newsletter or a convincing online appearance - outstanding content is half the battle.
High-quality content is a supporting pillar for all online marketing services and measures. From the creation of advertising copy to blog articles, newsletters and social media posts to the copywriting of entire websites - good content is essential for successful companies. Our selected content freelancers are creative, well-trained and have extensive experience in optimizing copy.
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Analytics and Reporting

So that you don't fly blind with your online marketing activities, a proper evaluation of your campaigns is essential.
Collecting data and interpreting it correctly can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Our freelancers analyze the performance of your company according to your individual needs - with Google Analytics, Search Console or other relevant analysis tools and create a meaningful report for you once or regularly. This way you are always one step ahead of the competition.
Email marketing

Email Marketing

Customer loyalty is especially important in a market full of alternatives - e-mail marketing helps to keep in touch with your customers.
Email marketing is one of the most important tools for customer retention. Our freelancers help you to fully benefit from the potential of your company in this area and to bind existing customers even closer. With perfectly optimized and extensively tested newsletter campaigns, you can reach your target audience, promote your products cost-effectively and encourage your customers to interact with your company.

You haven't found the right online marketing service? No problem!

Online marketing is a wide field with many optimization possibilities for small and large companies. If you have specific ideas and could not find your online marketing service, contact us and we will come up with a suitable solution. Our pool of online marketing freelancers is broad and absolutely flexible. We put together the right team for every project.

Sales funnel

With our professional online marketing freelancers you can optimize your business along the sales funnel. A holistic online marketing mix guarantees not only efficient and cost-saving work, but also long-term success for your business.


A detailed market analysis is the basis of your online marketing activities. With keyword analyses and benchmarks, our freelancers leverage potentials for your business.


With effective measures from areas such as SEO and SEA, our online marketing freelancers increase your visibility. Only those who are seen will be clicked.


Our freelancers A/B test and optimize content for your business. This way they increase the conversion rate and bring qualified traffic to your site.


To turn a click into a lead, our freelance specialists are at your side. Lead generation takes place via various online marketing channels, depending on your needs.


Many aspects play a role in ensuring that your customer actually makes a purchase. We optimize your site in the best possible way and help you with customer retention afterwards.

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Are you looking for qualified online marketing managers. Do you see potential in your existing online marketing campaigns? Or would you like to try an entirely new strategy? Then you have come to the right place. Our qualified freelancers are individually selected for you and have a lot of experience in different marketing areas.

Ask for your desired online marketing services without obligation and we will contact you immediately!

How we work

At LeanLancer, we work flexibly and adapt to the needs of our clients at any given time. Whether it’s individual online marketing efforts, or a holistic optimization from demand generation to customer retention – our online marketing freelancers always deliver the best quality when it comes to our services. We are guided by the Plan-Build-Run principle. You will be supported in all aspects of our work by our project managers and freelancers – from planning, to implementing, to optimizing your campaigns.

Online Marketing Analyse & Spezifikation Icon
1. Analysis & Specification

In the analysis phase, the demand is recorded and the current status regarding performance and technology is determined – both of your company and of the competition. The entire online marketing strategy is built on the collected data.

Online Marketing implementation icon
2. Implementation

All online marketing measures are implemented according to best practice standards. Our online marketing freelancers follow standardized processes that guarantee fairness and a consistently high quality of service.

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3. Optimization

To ensure that our online marketing services are sustainable and lead to long-term success, we optimize all measures over a longer period of time, if desired, and thus guarantee you a significant market advantage.


Online marketing is a discipline that requires expertise in various sub-areas. Our versatile freelancer pool guarantees that you can book experienced specialists in every online marketing field.

Our freelancers have access to the best online marketing tools on the market. With these, they can process your orders efficiently, in the highest quality and track the results achieved.

Your orders will be handled by our freelancers using carefully predefined standardized processes. This guarantees online marketing services on agency level with the flexibility of a freelancer platform.

Online Marketing advantages at a glance

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Benefit from a holistic marketing mix, comprehensive optimization, top quality online marketing services and a flexible approach. There is hardly any effort for your company. Let us know which online marketing services you need and we will take care of the rest.

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FAQ regarding our online marketing services

We have summarized the most important questions and answers about our online marketing services for you. If you have any further requests, please feel free to contact us.

Of course you will receive a detailed online marketing consultation. If you have strategic questions, our project managers will take care of your request. For technical questions, we assign a qualified specialist to you, who will take care of the marketing consulting in detail.

The advantage of an online marketing network consisting of freelancers is that we can put together a team whose expertise exactly fits the requirements of your project. Our online marketing freelancers can also exchange ideas with each other on our platform, share their experiences and thus make their work even more efficient and refine the results.

No, the freelancers are automatically assigned to you by our AI. Only the freelancer’s education, relevant work experience and the rating of the respective freelancer are used as selection criteria. This way, we ensure that your project is complemented by exactly matching skills of our freelancers and that the selection of freelancers is fair.

Yes, of course you don’t have to blindly trust that our online marketing services will pay off. We accurately document every implemented measure, track the successes and create a detailed reporting on request.

Yes, of course you can order multichannel marketing from us. Holistic online marketing strategies are our strength and we are happy to put together a suitable team of online marketing freelancers who can support you and your company across channels.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact our staff on the subject of online marketing and let us advise you in detail.