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Search engine advertising brings high-quality traffic to your website in no time - provided the SEA manager has done a good job. You can expect competence and experience from our Google Ads freelancers. Find the right SEA freelancer right now!

Search Engine Advertising

Why you should hire a Google Ads freelancer

Search engine marketing is an essential part of a holistic online marketing strategy. It generates quick results, is adjustable and helps your company to achieve better performance in the long term. In close interaction with other marketing channels, SEA campaigns also help you to get the most out of your budget. 

With the help of high-quality, finely-tuned ads, you can reach valuable customers in a targeted manner and systematically guide them through the sales funnel. This is because SEA campaigns are more controllable than almost any other marketing discipline. In this way, you pick up your customers exactly where their interests are.

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Hire a SEA service provider now!

Qualified SEA managers are not always easy to find. We help you find the perfect freelancer for your business. Our SEA experts offer a secure handling of Google Ads, a lot of industry experience and a skill level that matches your project. So you always get top results.

Our Services

Our SEA services at a glance

Our Google Ads freelancers are proficient in the full range of SEA services. From display campaign specialists to local campaigns to remarketing, there are numerous qualified SEA experts with the relevant technical skills in our talent pool. They are well versed in the different campaign types, ad formats and ad networks. Whether you are looking for a generalist for your SEA team or a specialist in a specific area of search engine advertising - we have the right freelancer for you!

Search Campaign

With search campaigns, our freelance SEA managers improve your conversion rates significantly. This type of campaign has a very high reach. It strengthens your brand and the transactional and informative search queries of your customers.

Display Campaign

As part of display campaigns, our Google Ads freelancers place text ads or images and graphics in the Google Display Network. This reaches websites, news and blog sites, the video platform YouTube and email providers worldwide - up to millions.

Shopping Campaign

Do you have an online shop and want to target customers who are ready to buy? Then shopping campaigns are just the thing for you. You are charged according to the cost-per-click method. You only pay when your customer has already clicked on your product.

Video Campaign

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and therefore has a huge reach across all demographics. Most users are also particularly receptive to visual advertisements in the form of videos.

App Campaign

Apps are becoming more and more in demand. With an app campaign, our Google Ads freelancers can effectively promote your app. First of all, you want users to install the app (target CPI). But also in-app actions (target CPA) are promoted through app campaigns.

Local Campaign

You want to draw customers' attention to your stationary offline business? With geotargeting, our Google Ads freelancers achieve exactly that. Potential customers in your vicinity are targeted with local campaigns and referred to your shop.

Gmail Campaign

With Gmail Ads, you place advertisements exactly where your customers are guaranteed to visit often - directly in their email inbox. Various formats are possible here. Experienced SEA freelancers design and create high-quality Gmail campaigns for your company.

Remarketing Campaign

With remarketing campaigns, our Google Ads freelancers pick up on the interest of your website visitors and target them again after they have left your site. In this way, you remove any last doubts and encourage a conversion.

Book Google Ads experts on a freelance basis

You are just starting with search engine advertising or would like to add a competent Google Ads freelancer to your online marketing team? No problem for LeanLancer! We find the ideal SEA staff for you in the shortest possible time and also take care of the entire communication with the freelancers as well as the project management for your project.

Our Process

How to generate more sales with the help of our Google Ads Freelancers

SEA is a very versatile discipline that achieves the greatest success when it is precisely tailored to your company. Our Google Ads freelancers analyse your initial situation professionally and tailor the SEA campaigns exactly to your needs. In this way, they help you to hit the core of your target group and bring high-quality traffic to your site that also converts.









Step one

SEA Analysis

Our Google Ads freelancers work on the basis of sound data, which helps your SEA measures achieve faster and greater success. Therefore, a careful analysis phase is particularly important before implementing the SEA campaigns. This includes a detailed keyword and competition analysis. Our Google Ads freelancers follow standardised processes, which enables efficient work with quality standards at agency level.

Step Two

Implementation of the SEA campaigns

Our Google Ads freelancers evaluate the collected data and create SEA campaigns that ideally fit your project, your online marketing strategy and your budget. This way, you get top rankings in the search results for valuable search queries on the Google search engine in the shortest possible time. It's worth it, because the provider has by far the largest reach with more than 85% market share. 

The freelance SEA managers have already gained relevant work experience in different industries and with different types of companies. This experience has a positive impact on the work of our Google Ads freelancers.

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Step three

Optimization and long-term support

If desired, our Google Ads freelancers can set up your SEA campaigns initially and then make them available to your in-house marketing team for everything else. However, reliable monitoring and ongoing optimization are crucial for the long-term success of your SEA campaigns. The SEA measures of the competition, seasonal conditions, innovations introduced by Google in the search results and many other aspects influence the performance of your ads. It can be helpful to have an experienced SEA expert at your side. That's why our Google Ads freelancers are happy to support your company over a longer period of time - whether in an advisory or executive capacity.

Higher visibility and qualified traffic through SEA Freelancer

Get support from our Google Ads freelancers. With their expertise, they will help you get high-quality traffic and get the most out of your SEA budget - no matter what the size. Book an SEA manager now and generate website visitors that really convert!

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Any Questions?

FAQ - All questions around our Google Ads Freelancers

So that no questions remain unanswered, we have summarised the biggest concerns of our customers. Here you can find all the important information about our SEA services and learn in detail how you can book a Google Ads freelancer through LeanLancer.

Can I also hire freelancers for Facebook Ads?

Yes, in addition to our Google Ads freelancers, we also have Facebook Ads experts in our talent pool. Simply send us an enquiry with your ideas for a project and we will advise you in detail about your options.

I have already set up SEA campaigns. Can I book someone to manage the Google Ads campaigns?

Of course, you can also hire Google Ads freelancers from us who only take care of the support and optimisation of your SEA campaigns. Nevertheless, we recommend that you commission our SEA experts to analyse your campaign structure. An external view usually reveals immense potential for improvement, from whose implementation your company can benefit for a long time to come.

What needs to be considered with regard to cookies in remarketing campaigns?

If the users have agreed to the use of cookies, Google can henceforth evaluate the user behaviour of the respective persons. This analysis can be used for precise remarketing campaigns that our Google Ads freelancers set up for you. Conversely, this also means that the user data disappears as soon as potential customers object to the use of cookies.