Looking for freelance translators?

If you want to expand your business internationally or simply reach your customers in several languages, high-quality translations are indispensable. Our freelance translators are experienced, eloquent and can translate your copy into all common languages in the shortest possible time.

Our Services

Our translation services

With high-quality translations, you can reach a larger target group. Our freelance translators support you in the internationalisation of your company with high-quality translations into a wide range of languages - always at native speaker level.

No matter in which subject area you need translations, we have always the right freelance translator for your project. From website texts and contracts to press releases and advertising messages, we can provide you with experienced staff.

Website Translations

You have a great website and want it to perform equally well in another target market? In that case, you need qualified freelance translators.

When it comes to translating websites, there is a lot to consider. It is important to strike a market-specific tone and convey the corporate identity. In addition, all content must be reproduced correctly and the translations must be flawless and appealing at the same time. Benefit from the experience of our freelance translators in website translation!

Marketing Translations

Whether advertising texts, SEO landing pages, social media content or blog posts - we translate your marketing copy - if required, also SEO-optimised.

To ensure that your online marketing efforts are also successful in other markets, our translators with relevant marketing experience will help you translate your copy into other languages. They take great care to ensure that the translations can still be used for marketing purposes, for example by taking into account keyword requirements and complying with other predefined standards.

Translation of specialised Texts

Do you lack qualified personnel for the translation of demanding specialised copy into another language? Our freelance translators can provide the help!


With specialised copy, it is a particular challenge to translate content without distorting it. We select our freelance translators on the basis of their previous thematic experience and expert knowledge of the subject matter. This way, you can always be sure that your translations will not lose quality compared to the original text.

Translation of other Content Types

Do you have other types of copy that you would like to have translated by our freelancers? Tell us the details and we will find your translator!

Of course, we will also find a qualified freelance translator with the necessary work experience for all other types of text that you require in several languages. We will only assign suitable translation experts to your projects who are individually matched to your company. Send us information on the content type, languages and deadlines and we will find the perfect freelancer for you.

Request a freelance translator

Finding good freelance translators is not easy. They must have an excellent sense of language, the right tone of voice and be absolutely accurate in their work. We take special care to assign exactly the right freelancer to your project so that you can reach your business goals faster, even internationally.

Our way of working

How we work

As in all other areas, we follow the Plan-Build-Run principle for translation projects. Instead of simply translating your copy without thinking outside the box, we increase the accuracy and quality of the translations by analyzing them beforehand and, if necessary, reoptimizing the result to unlock all potential.


1. Analysis & Spezification

In order to provide you with texts that are not only pleasant to read, but also perform well, our translators will, upon request, work extensively on the subject matter, page structure and keywords in advance.


2. Implementation

Our translators work on your projects according to defined standards, which make their work more efficient and of higher quality. All texts will be delivered to you without errors and at native speaker level.


3. Optimization

Sometimes there is further potential for optimization after the translation has been completed. We will be happy to provide you with a freelance translator who will support you on a long-term basis and continuously optimize your texts as needed.

Our advantages

Advantages of our translators at a glance


Large language selection

Our extensive freelancer pool allows us to offer you translations in numerous languages. In addition to German, English, French and Spanish, we provide translators who are proficient in many other languages.


Interdisciplinary expertise

Many of our freelance translators have additional skills in the area of online marketing and are also well-informed about different subject areas and research possibilities through previous projects.


Clearly defined standards

We work according to standardized processes so that you always know exactly what to expect and our translators know the demands of the project. This avoids misunderstandings right from the start.

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Book freelance translators

Are you looking for qualified freelance translators with relevant work experience, impeccable language skills and additional marketing knowledge? If so, we have the right freelancer for you.

Whether it's a small project or a large, long-term assignment, we'll put together a team of translators that's a perfect fit for your company.

Our Process

How it works


1. Request translations


2. Accept offer


3. Check results


4. Pay invoice

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Any Questions?

FAQ about our freelance translators

Do you still have unanswered questions about our processes, want to know how exactly you can book a freelance translator through LeanLancer, or are you wondering which content types and languages are possible? In our FAQs we have summarized the most frequently asked questions of our customers on the subject of freelance translations.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you personally.

I only have a few very short texts to translate. Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no order that is too small for our freelance translators. Even for short copy, we can find a suitable translator in our broad talent pool. Whether into one or several foreign languages.

I need a lot of translations in a short period of time. Is that possible?

Even a large order volume in a short period of time is no problem for us. We simply provide you with a team of qualified freelance translators who work together to complete your order in the shortest possible time. Thanks to standardized processes, you don’t have to worry about consistent style and quality.

Will my translations be proofread according to the four-eyes principle?

In addition to the actual translation service, you can, of course, hire a qualified proofreader at any time to check your copy thoroughly after it has been translated into another language. When assigning proofreading freelancers, we make sure that they have the appropriate language skills and work experience, as well as a thematic proximity to your project.

What is the advantage of a freelancer over a permanent translator?

As a rule, translations occur rather irregularly. It is not always worthwhile to employ a permanent translator. A freelancer has the advantage of being flexible and can be hired at short notice.

What is the hourly rate for a freelance translator at LeanLancer?

We do not charge a fixed hourly rate for the services of our freelance translators. As soon as you send us a request for your translation job, we will estimate the project individually and assign suitable freelancers with the required skill level. We have fixed prices for each service and skill level, which you can view transparently at any time. If you accept the offer at our fixed price, our translators will start immediately.